• Mainly used to solve Array, OOP & Linked List related problems
  • Reduce time complexity by one dimension, O(n^2) to O(n)

Fast-Slow Pointers

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Left-Right Pointers

// Java
public void twoPointerSort(int left, int right, int[] arr) {
    int temp;
    while (left < right) {
        temp = arr[right];
        arr[right--] = arr[left];
        arr[left++] = temp;

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Sliding Window

  • Two Pointers (双指针) move in the same direction at the same or different speed
  • Can be used to find Minimum Size Subarray that the sum of the elements is equal or greater than the given target value
  • 3 points to consider
    1. What should be inside the Window?
    2. When should we increment the left pointer?
    3. When should we increment the right pointer?

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  • The elements within the left and right pointers when we are performing Sliding Window
  • The operation of expanding and shrinking the window is usually the same