• Allows user to access a remote machine that they don’t have access to via a Network Port on their local machine or Network Router. Port forwarding creates a bi-directional connection between the port on the local machine/router and the port on the remote machine

Fly.io App Port Forwarding

  • Port forward a local mahcine network port to a fly.io app container port
flyctl proxy <local_port>:<remote_port> -a <app_name>

EC2 Port Forwarding

EC2 Configuration

Make sure you are using an Amazon Linux Image, or you have setup system manager on EC2

aws ssm start-session --target <ec2_instance_id> --region <aws_region> --document-name AWS-StartPortForwardingSession --parameters portNumber=<ec2_port>,localPortNumber=<local_port>

Use case

The EC2 Bastion is inside an AWS private subset, blocking all incoming traffic from the internet. With the help of AWS SSM, we are able to port forwarding a port of the bastion host to a localhost port, so we are able to access the service running on a particular bastion host port by accessing a localhost port.

Socat Port Forwarding

# -d -d enables debug mode
# TCP-LISTEN:<PORT_NUMBER>,fork forks a new process for each incoming connection
  • Forward traffic from a local machine Network Port to a remote network port over TCP
  • The command below creates a new Process (进程) for new connection on localhost:<LOCAL_PORT_NUMBER>, incoming requests are all port forwarded to the <REMOTE_ENDPOINT>:<REMOTE_PORT_NUMBER> over TCP