• Stores data, the data is managed by a DBMS


  • Stands for Database Management System
  • Handles operation, allows retrieval of data from Database in an efficient manner
  • Examples are MySQL, Postgres

Spreadsheet interface to DBMS

nocodb allows us to self-host a web app that can connect to a DBMS like MySQL and Postgres etc. It provides a very nice user interface to add tables and different types of data with great ease!

Bonus: it has a form view that allows us to obtain data from users in a Google Form manner.

The only concern I have is the attachment uploaded, the self-hosted version stores the file on the server, not sure how to migrate these attachments when I move from one server to another if I am using Docker, I will explore this when I have more time.


Database Transaction

  • Used to create, update or retrieve data
  • A series of Operation performed within a DBMS
  • If one of the Operation fails, the whole transaction fails
  • For example, you make an online purchase, buy an item, and cause money to leave your account