• Stands for Uniform Resource Locator

URL Path

  • The exact place to find the resource
  • Given blog.yxy.ninja/resume.pdf, the URL Path is resume.pdf, it is also known as Path Parameter
  • In Express.js, path parameters are accessed through req.params

URL Query

  • A way for Client to customise the resources it is trying to obtain from a particular URL Path. Thus URL Query should be placed after all URL Path
  • Key-value pair
    • Single URL Query: ?KEY=VALUE
    • Multiple URL Query: ?KEY=VALUE&KEY=VALUE
  • In Express.js, query parameters are accessed through req.query


  • A human-readable, simplified part of a URL used to identify a specific page or resource on a website (The URL Path)
  • A normal URL can be something like https://notes.yxy.ninja/article.php?id=123&title=Interesting%20Facts%20About%20Coding. A Slug-based URL is something like https://notes.yxy.ninja/interesting-facts-about-coding