• Cron jobs are tasks scheduled to run automatically at specific times or intervals on a Unix-like system using the command crontab
  • You can set cron job using crontab -e and view cron jobs using crontab -l
  • The cron job is executed in the user profile which sets the cron job
  • Set cron job with interactive visual

Cron Job not triggered?

Make sure always specify the absolute path of the command. Cron job has a limited PATH environment variable.


  • By default, we aren’t alerted when a cron job fails. We can use a 3rd party tools like Cronitor to get notified via emails when the cron job fails. Cronitor provides great visibility into the cron job by installing an agent alongside the cron job, so we are able to obtain error logs of cron jobs too!
  • You can also look into Healthchecks.io or uptime-kuma if you want a self-hosting option.