• Email routing is the process of directing emails from a sender to the intended recipient’s inbox. It involves a series of rules that ensure emails reach the correct destination

Email Routing Mechanism

  • We set the MX Record of Domain Name to point to the Email Routing server. So when a sender sends an email to the domain name, the email routing server is able to receive and apply the routing rules and forward to the destination email inbox if all rules are met

Cloudflare Email Routing


It is totally to free to use. Comes with free Custom domain support and Routing Analytics!

However, there is a message limit of 25MB, 200 email routing rules and 200 destination emails. Refer to Cloudflare Email Routing Limits for more details.

Process emails programmatically

Route to Cloudflare Workers to program any logic you can dream of for processing your emails. Refer to Cloudflare Email Workers for more details.