• Latch that has one set input to store a single Bit, and another reset input to reset the stored bit

  • Active Set: turn on the output

  • Inactive Reset: locking the state of the set input when set goes inactive

  • Active Reset: turn off the output

  • Inactive Set: locking the state of the reset input when the reset goes inactive

Invalid condition exists!

When both S & R are 1, the output will be 0 which is invalid

Circuit 1

  • As shown in the diagram above, we can build it with one OR, one NOT and one AND
  • Refer to footnote for a nice visualisation on how it works1

Circuit 2

  • Can be built with two NOR
  • Refer to footnote for a nice visualisation on how it works2

What is the output when latch first turned on without any inputs?

In an ideal case, the output will be switching from on to off in super short interval. To human eyes, it is always on

However, in the real world, even the same two gates with the same wire will have a slightly different Gate Delay. Sometimes, one gate may have a shorter gate delay than another

Thus, the output can be 0 or 1 when the latch is first turned on

Refer to footnote for a nice visualisation of how it works3

Circuit Diagram & Truth Table

  • Q is the 1 bit storage
  • The Abstracted Diagram

Gated S-R Latch


  1. Circuit 1 (From 1:15 to 2:36)

  2. Circuit 2 (From 2:57 to 4:33)

  3. Circuit 2 Race Condition (From 5:56 to 7:35)