• A list of code editors and their configuration on MacOS


A set of common configurations for code editors:

  • Use a coding friendly font - FireCode
    • Install FiraCode Nerd Font
    • Configure the editor to use this font, below is VSC example
    • Configure Editor Font
    • Configure Terminal Font
  • Download the Vim extension to have vim keybinding inside the code editor
  • Turn on Word Wrap under View -> Word Wrap (VSC example)


" Must Have
syntax enable
set number
set relativenumber
set mouse=a
set autoindent
" Good to have
set expandtab
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2

Visual Studio Code

Zed Code Editor


  • Install iterm2
brew install --cask iterm2
  • Install neovim
brew install neovim
# Add the following to .zshrc
alias vim="nvim"
export EDITOR="nvim"
  • Install nvchad (Yes for default settings)
git clone https://github.com/NvChad/NvChad ~/.config/nvim --depth 1 && nvim
  • Set the theme to catppuccin
  • You can install syntax heightening using :TSInstall <Language>

IntelliJ Community Code Editor