Working with Apple Silicon

--platform linux/amd64 flag is needed. Refer to ISA Unmatch error

Docker Engine

  • The whole package, which includes Daemon as one of its components. Other 2 components are REST API interface and Docker CLI which provide access to Daemon


  • Background service running on the host that manages the containers created by the Docker Engine
  • Single source of failure & requires root access
  • Built on top of Runtime


  • Used to interact with Kernel
  • There are many options, the one docker uses is containerd

Docker Installation


  • brew install orbstack - orbstack is a much lightweight GUI to manage the containers, comes with Docker Engine


  • Install Docker Engine with curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh
  • Install Docker Desktop(Optional)
  • We can add user to the docker group with sudo usermod -aG docker <USERNAME>

Fix missing dependencies

sudo apt --fix-broken install

Useful Docker Images