• A set of monitoring tools provided by a company called Datadog

Datadog Integration

  • In order for us to use Datadog services on other platforms, we need to integrate with those platforms first
  • Datadog provides a list of supported integrations for different third party services

AWS Integration

Datadog Agent

  • A service that runs alongside the application to collect various Events and Metric, and sends it to the Datadog servers

Different from Datadog ddtrace

Datadog ddtrace runs as part of the app runtime.


  • An implementation of StatsD protocol
  • A Metrics Aggregation Service bundled with Datadog Agent to send custom metrics from application to Datadog servers
  • Runs on port 8125 by default

Datadog ddtrace

Datadog ddtrace Configuration

We can configure the Datadog ddtrace by using this list of environment variables. I always set the DD_ENV and DD_SERVICE to get Trace categorised nicely inside the Datadog dashboard.