Local DNS Record vs Public DNS Record

If we have the DNS Record with the same name on both a Local DNS server and a Public DNS server like The DNS record inside the local DNS server will always be used if your local DNS server has a record.

Check the status DNS propagation

You can check it on DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool. This is useful to see if a particular DNS record is taking effect already or not.

Obtain the DNS records of a given domain name

You can obtain the list of current and past DNS records of a given Domain Name at securitytrails.

Or DNSdumpster.com, but the information obtained is much more limited.

A Record

CNAME Record

  • Symbol is CNAME
  • Powers Host Aliasing which allows a Alias Hostname to be mapped to Canonical Hostname (CNAME)
  • In the above example, all requests go tonotes.yxy.ninja are handled by servers under notes.pages.dev

MX Record

  • Symbol MX which stands for Mail Exchanger
  • Powers Mail Server Aliasing which allow root Domain Name to be mapped to E-mail Server’s Hostname
  • In this above example, all the emails sent to [email protected] is handled by the email servers behind mail.tutanota.de

Cloudflare's priority attribute

The value is used to determine the order in which mail servers are used to deliver email to your domain. The lower the value the higher the priority. This provides redundancy.

NS Record

TXT Record

Can't be proxied

If we proxy TXT record, we will only get back the proxy address when we check the TXT record value, defeating the purpose of the TXT record.