Local DNS Record vs Public DNS Record

If we have the DNS Record with the same name on both a Local DNS server and a Public DNS server like The DNS record inside the local DNS server will always be used if your local DNS server has a record.

A Record

CNAME Record

  • Symbol is CNAME
  • Powers Host Aliasing which allows a Alias Hostname to be mapped to Canonical Hostname (CNAME)
  • In the above example, all requests go tonotes.yxy.ninja are handled by servers under notes.pages.dev

MX Record

  • Symbol MX which stands for Mail Exchanger
  • Powers Mail Server Aliasing which allow root Domain Name to be mapped to E-mail Server’s Hostname
  • In this above example, all the emails sent to [email protected] is handled by the email servers behind mail.tutanota.de

NS Record

TXT Record

Can't be proxy