• It is like your house address, it provides the specific information to locate a Host in an Computer Network



Private IP Address

Private IP Addresses
IPv4There are 3 private IPv4 ranges:
- to (10/8 prefix)
- to (172.16/12 prefix)
- to (192.168/16 prefix)
IPv6Start with the prefix FD00::/8

Public IP Address

Special IP Address

  • Unspecified Address
  • Applications listen on address, indicates that they are willing to accept incoming network connections from any available Network Interface on the Host
  • Useful when you want the application to be accessible from multiple interfaces or IP Address

  • Limited Broadcast Address
  • This address sends a broadcast packet to all devices on the Local Area Network (LAN). It’s restricted to the LAN and won’t be forwarded by Network Router
  • Useful for tasks such as DHCP where a device needs to obtain an IP Address from a DHCP server, and the DHCP server needs to broadcast its availability to all devices on the network

Useful CLI Tool


  • IP geolocation and other types of IP data
  • Install with brew install ipinfo-cli


  • A more advanced ipinfo/cli without paying any money
  • Install with brew install asn
  • Refer to the Github Page for a list of features


It seems like it isn’t working well for IPv6, use ipinfo/cli for IPv6 instead.