• A bunch of Host that connected together

Some tools to see the beauty of network

Network Route

4 MainTypes of Networks

  • From smallest to biggest

Personal Area Network (PAN)

  • Around a person (about a meter)

Wireless PAN

Connected wirelessly like Bluetooth


  • Phone connected to computer
  • Flash Drive

Local Area Network (LAN)

  • Local to a site like home
  • Usually connected using Ethernet

Wireless Lan (WLAN)


Computer and phones in a house

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

  • From the scale of a few blocks to a city

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Special Types of Network

  • From smallest to biggest

Controller Area Network (CAN)

Key Distinguishing Feature

The Computer Network not controlled by a Host


  • A system of sensors in car

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Key Distinguishing Features