• Also known as Directory Hierarchy
  • Logical tree-like structure in which the File System organizes its File and directories


Root Directory

File Directory

  • A way of grouping File together

Linux File System Hierarchy


  • Used for storing shell script files that are automatically sourced when a User logs into the system
  • These scripts are used to set environment variables, customize the shell’s behavior, and configure user-specific settings globally for all users


  • The name “srv” stands for “service”
  • Typically used to store data that is served by the system
  • Often used to store data related to various services running on the system, such as websites, FTP servers, and other network services


Command Line Tools


  • A modern, maintained replacement for ls
brew install eza
echo "alias ls='eza --icons'" >>~/.zshrc
echo "alias ll='eza -lhig --git --icons -a'" >>~/.zshrc
echo "alias tree='eza --tree --icons'" >>~/.zshrc


  • A smarter cd command. Supports all major shells.
brew install zoxide
brew install fzf
# Append to .zshrc
# eval "$(zoxide init zsh --hook prompt)" 
# alias cd='z'


brew install joshuto
# Alias to have joshuto to exit in the current directory it is in
alias joshuto='joshuto --change-directory --output-file $HOME/.joshutoExit; LASTDIR=`bat $HOME/.joshutoExit`; cd "$LASTDIR"'