// Sort an array which has elements that are array of size 2
// Sort from the highest first element of sub-array, if same then sort from the lowest second element of sub-array
Arrays.sort(people, (a,b) -> {
	if (a[0] == b[0]) return a[1] - b[1];
	return b[0]-a[0];
// Sort array of elements that are long type
Arrays.sort(longArray, (a, b) -> {
	if (a[0] == b[0]) return Long.compare(a[1], b[1]);
	return Long.compare(a[0], b[0]);
// Use the built-in comparator will not lead to overflow issue
Arrays.sort(points, (a, b) -> Integer.compare(a[0], b[0]));

Dyanmic List

Collections.sort(inputList, Comparator.comparingInt(a -> a[0] + a[1]));