• Turn SSH into a SOCKS Proxy that allows us to bypass network restrictions

Bypass network restrictions

Client machine can be devices like our laptops that are connected to the company network which has a strict firewall setting that doesn’t allow us to access this wonderful website.

Intermediate server can be a Host that is outside the company network that has access to the wonderful website, and most importantly it isn’t blacklisted by the company’s strict firewall, that means the client machine is able to access it without any issues.

Destination machine is basically the Server that serves this wonderful website


Unlike SSH Local Port Forwarding and SSH Remote Port Forwarding where we need to specify a Network Port on the remote server, dynamic port forwarding doesn’t need us to do so, because it allows us to forward the traffic to an arbitrary destination like a website the local machine is unable to access with the help of the remote server.


  • Creating VPN-like tunnels over SSH, install with brew install sshuttle