• An entity used to track time spent by an app processing a request & the status of the request
  • Made up one or more Span
  • Identify the Span for Latency, then we can carry on with optimisation



  • Captures request counts, error counts, and latency measures of requests

Runtime Metrics

  • Allow to view Heap, non-heap memory usage and Garbage Collector activity of the app
  • Datadog can have this enabled with export DD_RUNTIME_METRICS_ENABLED=true


  • Code or tools have been added to the application to monitor, measure, or analyze its behavior during execution
  • Provide insights into the application’s performance, functionality, and other operational characteristics
  • This is particularly useful for debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring purposes



  • We can tune the Sampling
    • Library Sampling overrides Agent Sampling
  • Trace Metrics are the Metrics, directly connected Instrumented application, calculated based on 100% of the app’s traffic

Datadog backend side

  • Live Search allows us to search Span using any tag or Span
  • Generate Custom Metric from Span
  • Retention Filters - how long we want to retain the trace
  • Dashboard used to give a visual representation of the app for optimisation and debugging